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Beats Per Mind (BPM) was designed to give our participants the ultimate songwriting experience. With a dedicated songwriter engaging with our clients and help write lyrics and basically put ideas into action and then a dedicated producer in the session to help produce the songs on the go with whatever genre/styles of music that our clients prefer.

All that we require of all our participants to come thru with is an open mind. We will have a listen and a feel for what their taste in music is and try and produce a track that will be an imprint of who they are. Some of our participants like to be very involved in the songwriting process and some like us to take the lead so we provide that flexibility of choice but the main point is that we work on something original and that we ensure that our participants will all be looked after and gain two new friends that he can freely express his emotions and ideas with in the process.

Enquire now if BPM sounds like the right program for you!

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