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Sonic Minds is a mental health, recovery theory focussed program that utilises music to aid in the improvement of individuals overall mental health. The program was founded in 2020 during global lockdowns when musician Booka Nile (of Make Them Suffer and Married at First sight) began running remote song writing sessions with people from all over the world who were struggling with their mental health. Regardless of their musical background and skill, people of all abilities and backgrounds were able to partake in the program and write their very own song with the aid of professional musicians such as Booka and other highly successful Australian musicians who have toured globally, won ARIA's and had their records go Gold within 2 weeks. They are all trained in service delivery and how to deliver this recovery theory focussed program in a way that is in line with state and federal mental health laws and practices. 

Booka has a fully accredited degree in Psychology and did her thesis on music and cognitive psychology. She has also worked in the mental health industry, focussing on mental health recovery theory and psychosocial support for a decade now. She ran a small psychiatric hostel for years before focussing full time on music. She has since combined her love of music and mental health recovery into her passion project, Sonic Minds. Music and song writing has been well researched and empirically backed by evidence demonstrating the positive impacts on individuals mental health and wellbeing. Booka's personal experience in delivering the service has had her witness incredible results from her clients with some of them going on to play music in live settings and even having their tracks played on national radio station Triple J. The improvement to a persons confidence and self perception is immense through engaging in this program. IT also provides people with an outlet to their struggles, a way to tell their story in a way that encourages creativity and deep exploration of the self and above all, a way to turn any pain and suffering they have experienced, into a piece of art that they can share with others in a safe way. There is no other program like Sonic Minds in the country and the benefits and recovery goals of those living with mental illness can be immense or those who engage in the program. At the end of the program, clients will own all the copyright and ownership rights to their piece of music, can be facilitated in uploading it onto streaming platforms such as spotify and itunes and can also perform their song live during Music Rocks quarterly concerts should they want to. The confidence and self belief this program can give to someone living with mental illness is second to none. Get in touch today to get involved!

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