BEN FIRKIN - Senior Ensemble Director

Ben is an amazingly talented ensemble director having been with Music Rocks Australia for almost a decade, and in that time Ben has established himself as one of Australia's most inspirational mentors. Ben is a Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts graduate with a Bachelor in Music (Contemporary) and an Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music to his name.  Ben's vast encompassing knowledge of music theory and the harmony that is the building blocks of all the songs we love makes him world-class. More than anything else Ben's patience and understanding allow him to gain so much trust from his musicians of all ages, drawing out so much talent and bravery, seeing them do things even they couldn't have thought possible. Ben is what can only be described as a 'bad' bass player, with all the techniques and skills that allow his bass students to really take off too! 





Jon has been an active member of the hugely successful Australian band  Karnivool playing bass for them for 22 years. He began music at a young age when he started learning piano at 6 years old and has been playing bass guitar for 25 years. 

With their acclaimed 2005 debut 'Themata' and 2009's ground breaking follow-up 'Sound Awake', Karnivool established themselves as one of the most vital forces in progressive modern music. The band belied expectations again with their third album, the brazen and introspection ' Asymmetry' (released July 2013). Asymemetry became their first number 1 Album, outselling all other artists combined in the Australian top ten and saw them pick up their first ever ARIA award. This album was one of the most acclaimed albums of 2013 and achieved gold status in just ten days.


In addition to this, Jono loves to help others and deems the relationships he holds within Music Rocks Australia as very important to him. Those who are lucky enough to work with Jon will gain an invaluable and priceless life experience and develop skills and knowledge about music that are world class and life changing.