Ben is an amazingly talented ensemble director having been with Music Rocks Australia for almost a decade, and in that time Ben has established himself as one of Australia's most inspirational mentors. Ben is a Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts graduate with a Bachelor in Music (Contemporary) and an Advanced Diploma of Contemporary Music to his name.  Ben's vast encompassing knowledge of music theory and the harmony that is the building blocks of all the songs we love makes him world-class. More than anything else Ben's patience and understanding allow him to gain so much trust from his musicians of all ages, drawing out so much talent and bravery, seeing them do things even they couldn't have thought possible. Ben is what can only be described as a 'bad' bass player, with all the techniques and skills that allow his bass students to really take off too! 




As a former student of Music Rocks Australia, Alex was involved in one of the original Allstar bands and is testament to how successful an All Star bands can be, now performing around Perth with his bands, Vice Versa and Life In A Glass House. With certificates in Music Performance, 2 EPs and a self produced album under his belt, Alex has a wealth of knowledge to share with the MRA students to kickstart their journey into the music world. Alex has become our elite band specialist taking bands through the most advanced musical techniques and concepts. His music technology, song writing, recording and production skills are being passed on to MRA Allstars with his inspiring connectedness.



Coming from one of the most famous acts to ever come out of Perth, Tom is one of Music Rocks biggest assets. Tom is currently finishing off his bachelor of primary education proving just how knowledgable and experienced he is in this field, already racking up an hugely impressive trail of success stories. Thom is as nice as they come and with a winning smile to back it up.



An accomplished songwriter and performer Kurt has been touted as "The Ed Sheeren of Australia", packing out venues all over the city with his unique brand of grooves and loops. He now turns his attention to bringing up the next generation of musicians, and teaching them how they too can become one man entertainment machines. 






Ben has quickly become one of Perths most talked about drummers, performing with everyone from rock band Lights of Berlin, through to musical theatre productions and cover bands. He plays with a passionate combination of precision and emotion, and is widely regarded as one of Perths premiere drummers. Ben is now Music Rocks drum/percussion expert, and brings this wealth of experience to his teaching with amazing results.  

we need to make mention of his fantastic mentorship for ensembles. “Ben has created exciting  

and authentic relationships as an MRA ensemble director, creating some of the best young bands in W.A.”





Louisa graduated from UWA in 2014 with a Bachelor of Music Education and a sepcialliality in piano, she has become of Music Rocks greatest experts. Having played piano in bands for almost a decade Louisa is now world famous, signed to US record labels, touring the world and commanding a legion of followers worldwide, whilst maintaining the warm down to earth personality her students have treasured for years,







Music Rocks "In-House Producer" and electronic music expert.
After years of playing in bands Damian and Marshall teamed up to become two one of Perths leading producers, and a highly sought after engineers. If you are looking to learn the detailed, and precise art of recording or record your own tracks, these guys are the people to turn to.