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Performing music with your peers and friends involves a list of benefits that far exceed anything that can be listed here in a short paragraph, but to summarize performing in a band develops confidence, patience, social skills, teamwork, work ethic, fine motor skills, variable timing coordination and that just scrapes the surface on the many bonuses with music. This is how our Rock and Pop musicians are made, copying the music they most love with their friends!

MRA places your young musician with a group of like minded musicians and put them under the mentorship of one of our award winning ensemble directors (many of which perform in some of Australia's biggest bands), and coach their band to performing at some of Perth's biggest music venues to a screaming crowd of fans. Huge MRA every term are enjoyed by the whole family, friends and even Nanna, and are the showcase of the MRA programs.

There is no one better to learn this from then from people who are doing it for themselves in the real world and our bands are gaining notoriety with kids as young as 9 years old having their songs played on the radio.

No wonder Music Rocks is not just music but music therapy for our musicians of all abilities!

Lessons start from $30 & $32 per week

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